You will not see a usual about us article in this article. Because I decided not to tell about Atelier Duygu Brand. I will talk about our own experiences that I want to give light to your life.

If you've been following for a long time, you know, I'm the person you see often on our social media channels, Duygu. I'm the one in front of the camera, but I've never been alone. I'm with my business partner Akif, who is with me at all times, with whom I embarked on this story, and my team, who I know is always doing their best.

We started this journey as two young entrepreneurs. When we started, we were in a completely different dimension and sector. We both had one thing on our minds. “A job that will not make us feel like we are working, but will give us the happiness we get while doing our favorite things.”

At the beginning of the road, we didn't know much about business life, maybe nothing. But we were sure of this: If we enjoy what we do, if we love it; We would also make every new person we meet happy. Everyone is like that. The more we love what we want, the better we want to do it. When we do well, we want to please everyone who is a partner in it even more. We determined this at the very beginning of our business adventure. We made decisions with this in mind in every step we took.

In the beginning we were in a different industry. It did not happen. Then we tried another area. That didn't happen either. Then we tried two more times and yes they didn't work either. We said we don't give up and tried again. Because we were sure we would find “that” job. After four unsuccessful attempts, we experienced something completely different on the fifth one. Things that make you say good luck at the end of every day. After a while, we realized that even if we were very tired, this happiness made us smile. When we realized this, we said ok. Ok, we found our dream... Atelier Duygu brand.

Do you know what we thanked the most after Atelier Duygu entered our lives? To the four failed attempts we had before that. To achieve the best, you must gain experience. You must live, you must make mistakes, at the end of the mistakes you must learn the points that you will not do and that you need to pay attention to. If you've tried something and failed so far, don't be upset. Even be happy. We are sure that you will succeed if you do not give up, we have personally experienced it :)

What Do We Care?

In the Atelier Duygu story, there are a few points that we learned in our previous experiences and that we will attach great importance to. The first is empathy.

You meet a lot of new people on a business adventure. There are people who prefer you. We have always put ourselves in their shoes. “What would I like to see if I chose the Atelier Duygu brand?” we thought. How would I like it packaged? What kind of product would I not be satisfied with? What would make me most happy? In the light of these, we found our starting point.

The second is originality. There are so many jewelry brands, we set out knowing this. There had to be something that would set us apart from them. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be noticed, we wouldn't even be a different brand. Being a different brand, not just a different name. It is a whole with its product, stance, quality and communication. We did not break with the concept of “authenticity” in every step we took.

Third, and most important to us, is love. We are a brand that believes that everything is better. By love we mean to love absolutely everything. The products we offer, our website, our designs, our photo shoots, our product quality, our logo, our brand name, our team and everyone who meets us.

If there is something you believe will make you happy, go after it. There is a light for everyone in every aspect of life. The important thing is to find that light and go after it with your values. If you are patient and don't give up, success will come by itself.

Discover your own light and reflect it in the best way possible. We hope our story will inspire you as well...

Atelier Duygu Family.


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